Program & Service Fees


  • Physical: Health, wellness, nutrition, recreation, chronic pain, weight issues and self-destructive behaviours.
  • Relationships: Communication skills and getting others to listen, elderly parents, children, blended families,     spousal, co-workers, even work – bosses.
  • Environmental: What environmental factors are around you causing issues with your health, such as chemical sensitivities. We will work on finding a better way to accommodate your illness.
  • Spiritual: Find the peace and harmony in life,and learn to find the value and balance.
  • Financial: A major one! Budgeting, goals, living within your means.
  • Emotional: Coping with daily life challenges, feelings of self-worth.
  • Intellectual: Using your mind to improve your life by using the current skills you have or learning new ones.
  • Occupational: Finding a career – not just a job. A career that fulfills you inside, yet has a positive impact on those around you. One area that everyone needs to work on is Values/Boundaries: Values: What you value and want out of life. Boundaries: Setting boundaries instead of being a ‘yes’ person then hating yourself later for not saying ‘no’.


Coaching is not an overnight or 1 session fix to your problems. It takes a few sessions to get things in line in your life.  I do offer a free 1/2 hour session to see if we can work together and are compatible. If you prefer, I can refer you to fellow coaches for help if we aren’t a good fit as Coach/Client.

4 Week Package – 1 hour session each week via Skype or Phone. (phone is at clients expense)           $629.00 US

8 Week Package – 1 hour session each week via Skype or Phone. (phone is at clients expense)           $1099.00 US

Please note: Payment plans will have an extra $20.00 fee added on to the first billing to cover administration costs.                                                                                    The 20.00 is not refundable even if refund is requested after the 1st session.

Paypal or Visa/Mastercard billed on monthly on the sign up date.

There are no refunds after 48 hours after the 1st session.

After the 8 weeks you can resign up for more sessions at a special price or do one hour Laser Coaching at a special client rate.

Do you see yourself in here, then please contact me….



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