Frequently Asked Questions



“Personal Health Coaching is helping someone reach their goals by making positive changes in their life. A coach is a person or mentor that helps you achieve the end result you want by doing it in a positive supportive way.”


How long does coaching take before I see results?    It is not an overnight remedy.  Coaching for the best benefit should be at least an 8 week commitment.  Most people believe they have only one problem to work on and then they begin coaching, only to realize there is a multitude of issues that crop up.  Be prepared to take a minimum of 8 – 12 sessions of coaching to see results in finding your way to a better life. I do have one hour sessions if you want just a boost or some clarification on your goals. These are called Laser Sessions. Ask for the pricing on the Laser sessions.

What Areas Are Covered?    I cover all eight areas as needed as per those on the Programs & Fees page. I can coach you in all aspects of your life. There are eight basic areas in my coaching. You may need coaching in all of the areas or just a few of them. My coaching can be adjusted to fit your needs.

I coach for bereavement/grief for all types of loss also. For example, if someone is in poor health they will find their relationships suffer, and then comes the grief of losing their abilities to do former physical activities. Wellness, relationships and grief are tied together. It is better to work on all three areas than one at once.

What Other Coaching Can You Do?    Professional Business Coaching:  Part of my expertise is to coach executives, business owners and other professionals. We worl together to achieve greater results in their respective lines of employment.

Aren’t Your Fees High?     My fees are in line with other coaches. Some life coach rates are even higher than mine. I set my rates so that many people can afford them. I look at it this way, if you can afford a fancy coffee each day on your way to work or eat out every day for your lunch – you can afford a month’s worth of coaching. Also I say,  “Brown bag it and take your own coffee to work or school.”  When you look at the affordability by comparing an hour coaching to daily coffee or constantly eating out…      

Why do you use Skype?    Skype is cost-effective for both myself and the client. Skype is a free program a person can download to their computer or tablet, even a smart phone. It is always nice with Skype to see the client I am coaching face to face and for them to see me. This way the coaching is more personal  and not clinical.  My coaching can be done around the world also at times suitable to the client.


Have other questions, please contact me and ask. 



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