About Dimensions 8

Dimensions 8 Wellness works with the client to achieve their goals. I support and guide you but do not admonish or become your therapist. Coaching is a supportive practice, and many people do not realize just how well it works. Most are afraid to try it or even ask more about it. They have a mind set that it’s like a sports coach telling you to get out there and give it your all. Not at all, I coach you through your issues to help you get the answers you need.buddha-1243745_1280

As a certified coach in wellness, I can work in areas of diet, fitness, chronic illness. In my relationship coaching, the client and I work on marriage, family or friendships, love relationships or dealing with a co-worker and bosses. My bereavement niche is to help you work in conjunction with the above two other niches such as loss of mental or physical function due to illness, loss of a loved one or job loss, even divorce.

Wellness, Relationship, Grief all all tied together. If we are not well, we suffer, our relationships suffer and above all we lose something we loved to do such as being in a social or in a physical realm. Our lives are thrown into turmoil, heads spin and we see ourselves spiraling downward. Turning inward, depression strikes along with anxieties, bitterness. Therefore the person does not see their alternatives albeit small ones that will help them.

Dimensions 8 Wellness is a coaching service that specializes in wellness, health, relationship issues and when needed grief coaching. As a certified coach, I have the experience to help you attain a more balanced life. When something happens in our lives, we tend to dwell on the negative as we spiral out of control going deeper and deeper until we don’t know where or who to turn to. I will work with you to take back your life and attain your goals. Health issues, chronic pain, fitness and nutritional goals, relationships that are fragile or that just need refreshing – my support is what you will get to help you through it by using positive reinforcement and listening to you. That in turn helps you to take your own initiative to a better life.

My own chronic health issues with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease have helped me to understand the need to have someone to talk to who ‘gets’ it.



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