Welcome To Dimensions 8 Wellness

I am your Certified Wellness Coach – Debra Schramm. My goal is to help you find balance in all areas of your life whether it is emotional, spiritual, physical or in another area.  I am not a therapist, simply a coach to lead you to the right answers. My professional certifications within the Life Coaching area are Wellness, Relationships and Bereavement.

I started Dimensions 8 Coaching after taking life coaching myself.  After a year of courses, and three 4″ binders later – I passed my coaching exams. In coaching my life is fulfilled by helping others.

As your personal wellness coach and with your own eagerness to improve your life – we can work together to take you to new heights. By using positive reinforcement with your own level of comfort and initiative, you can feel better about yourself and others. Confucius always said, ‘Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.’  If you are in need of change, feeling empty, your mind is swirling or you need to get free of the chains that hold you back – coaching is the answer.

Please come inside and peruse my pages, read and see for yourself – the next step is yours to a better life in mind, body and soul.



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